Background about the Issue

Andhra Pradesh particularly Coastal Andhra Pradesh is identified as a high supply zone for sending and transiting girls from other states for sex. It also sends its own women and girls to states of Mumbai, Calcutta, Goa, Chennai, Orissa and inter districts for prostitution, Marriage and cheap Labour. It also traffics boys and girls for begging as child Labour. The trafficking, sale and prostitution of girl children have become major problems in Andhra Pradesh particularly in Coastal Andhra. Hundreds of girls and women travel on a regular basis and traffickers from organized crime syndicates trap them. HELPs statistical findings show that, in Coastal Andhra Pradesh alone, there are about 25,000 sex workers earn their bread by selling their bodies.

Human Trafficking is increasingly being recognized as a complex process, a systematic, economic phenomenon, involving the interplay of several contributing factors and vulnerabilities that are created by social, economic and in some cases, political factors. The most common purpose for the Trafficking of Women and Children is Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE), though there is a parallel demand for trafficked persons for the purpose of bonded labour, organ transplantation, and supply zones. In India, Andhra Pradesh is a source, destination, and transit state for trafficking of women and children for cheap labour, Beggary etc. But even for those who have been trafficked for purposes other than Commercial Sexual Exploitation, CSE is a common form of violence that most of them have to face. Human Trafficking has been identified as the third largest source of profit for organized crime, following arms and then drug trafficking, generating billions of dollars annually also, it is highly lucrative for the reason that it requires very little investment besides chains of contact persons between demand points and for the purposes of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and other forms of exploitative labour. Children and women are trafficked from the rural villages of Andhra Pradesh to the major towns of AP and other main cities like Mumbai, Goa, Pune and Delhi of the Country.

For this very reason HELP views its Counter Trafficking Measures as an uni-focal campaign against Trafficking which is not limited only in curative efforts like rescuing and rehabilitating the victims of CSE, but also extends to preventive measures and thus HELP has taken upon the responsibility of sharing its learning with the community, and provide support services for creating a safe space for vulnerable women and children.

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