A safe, supportive and responsive society that upholds the protection, rights and dignity of every child in Andhra Pradesh.


To combat sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially prostitution and trafficking in women and children, in particular girls.


With the above mission HELP has been working to prevent child trafficking, child prostitution and second generation prostitution - "child protection" being the main overall aim of the organization. Based on the same, here are list of objectives that HELP works towards.

  • To stop child trafficking and child prostitution
  • To prevent second-generation prostitution by mainstreaming children of women in prostitution
  • To prevent STD/HIV/AIDS among women in prostitution; to provide care and support for those affected and infected
  • To provide an optional dignified life to the women in prostitution and their children through comprehensive social interventions in their situation. More particularly, to give inputs like education, shelter, health, nutrition, recreation, vocational and skill trainings, personality development, value education, counseling  etc.,
  • To work towards proper social reintegration of the VOCSET and Rescued Girls/ women.
  • To effect change in the community – a change in the life of poor and vulnerable women, children and other marginalized by effecting people’s action.
  • To train local youth & children to protect from all kinds of exploitation.

As a Resource organisation

HELP's aims are:

  • To undertake capacity building and facilitate to encourage other NGOs to take up red-light areas intervention work.
  • To undertake sensitization and training programmes for GOs, NGOs, INGOs and Police personnel on anti-trafficking and child rights.
  • To support and network with other NGOs with similar Vision and Mission.

In Advocacy and Lobbying

HELP's focus is:

  • To take up Advocacy work on behalf vulnerable children.
  • To undertake Advocacy and Lobbying for implementation of laws and appropriate changes in the legislation and policy & programmes of prevent trafficking.