HELP is a Developmental Organization formed by a group of service professionals from different professions
committed to protection of women & children from violence, Sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking.
HELP is an important policy-influencing organization in the State of Andhra Pradesh. It is also one for the first
organization in the state to holistically approach the issue of Trafficking in persons and works on a range of
activities as a part of its Counter Trafficking Measures – from Campaign, Advocacy and Sensitisation of
various stakeholders on the issue of trafficking, to the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Socio-economic
Reintegration of trafficked persons.

A team of socially motivated individuals consisting of journalists and social scientists etc., came together and
decided to promote and strengthen the anti-arrack movement initiated by women in Nellore district in the
year 1992. This team very intensively involved in the above task till the prohibition of arrack had been
imposed in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At the meeting of the above team, which was held at Nellore in ’93,
it was unanimously decided that the members should form themselves into an association to attend to the
welfare and protection of the Rights of the marginalized and vulnerable women and children in the society.

Thus, HELP came into existence in the year 1993. HELP with other like-minded NGOs in ’94, initiated work on
the issues of commercial sex workers’ in the Coastal Andhra Pradesh.
Mr.K.N.Murthy & Mr.Ramamohan founders of the HELP Organisation are experienced in the field of
Journalism have exposed them to the various issues and their intricacies from different angles. This
experience comes in handy to deal with any problem. Lobbying and policy analysis is the basic strength of the
chief functionaries.