Funding Agency : Kamonohashi- Japan

Project duration / present status : Continuing

Leadership Next Programme

Leadership Next is a programme to improve the leadership qualities among the survivors of trafficking and victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE)/Women in Prostitution. The programme is being implemented by VIMUKTHI which is a state level forum of survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE in Andhra Pradesh facilitated/mentored by HELP organisation with the support of Kamonohashi-Japan. The key focus of the intervention aimed at prevention of second generation (children of survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE) trafficking through facilitating their journey towards achieving socio-economic empowerment that answers all their issues and challenges entwined with poverty, violence, stigma and discrimination, debt trap and mental health issues and so on. Motivation and mobilisation of survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE in to local Self-Help Groups to adopt savings and financial sustainability is the strategy to fulfil their dream of socio-economic empowerment. Improved linkages and rapport with media had shifted the narrative on trafficking in A.P. to shift from crime-victim-prostitution narrative to promoting socio-economic empowerment of rescued survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE by addressing the issues and challenges they are facing. HELP is facilitating Leadership Next leaders to improve their access to social entitlements and criminal justice services. Also, building their capacities and leadership qualities enable them to navigate their way ahead towards increasing state’s priority for victim-friendly policy reformations that addresses their issues and challenges involved in accessing their rehabilitation services and victim compensation.

  • 330 rescued survivor of trafficking and victims of CSE have been joined as members of survivor collectives.
  • 40 survivors have received mental health services.
  • 125 media personnel have been sensitised on the issues and challenges faced by the rescued survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE and have published nearly 30 special stories/articles on the same in their respective newspapers.
  • Nearly 200 Investigation Officers off line and more than 100 inspectors online have been oriented on pre and post rescue protocols and roles and responsibilities of AHTUs in curbing the crime of trafficking
  • 35 survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE have received legal aid through community based Integrated Crisis Response system operated by LN leaders in facilitation of HELP.
  • 103 survivors have received house pattas, 85 Aadhaar cards, 50 ration cards, 60 bank accounts and 12 members availed pensions under different welfare schemes.