Release Date: 2 Feb 2024

As per the Statement 12 of the Interim Union Budget 2024-25, children related programmes received a total allocation of INR 109493.08 Crore, a 5.49 per cent increase as compared to the allocations in Union Budget 2023-24 at BE stage.

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We too are women –show no bias on us – sex workers suffered

Release Date: 08 Mar 2022

The state government working hard for the women empowerment is totally neglected the welfare, rehabilitation and in facilitating alternative livelihoods to the sex workers and survivors of human trafficking moreover they are not being treated at least as women...

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Survivors of Human Trafficking are entitled to Human Rights

Release date: 10 Jan 2024

“Rescued survivors of human trafficking and their children are being stigmatised and discriminated like criminals in the society. As a result, they are facing violation, exploitation, stigma, discrimination in the civil society and they feel that “we are away from our human rights as we are not human being” and hence confined to such derogatory means of life.

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Distribute ration cards to the rescued survivors of trafficking.

Release date: 15 Jun 2023

Smt. Pushpa Secretary and Smt. Mounika Joint Secretary of VIMUKTHI – A State level forum of rescued survivors of trafficking and victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Sex Workers) demanded the government to issue necessary directions to the revenue department and concerned ward/village sachivalayam personnel to distribute ration cards to the rescued survivors of...

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Ensure social security to the Sex Workers in the state of Andhra Pradesh – VIMUKTHI

Release date: 15 May 2023

The state government shall take necessary measures to ensure social security to the survivors of trafficking and victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Sex Workers) through necessary changes in existing GO.MS.No. 1/2003 enabling them to access the benefits under Nava Ratnaalu welfare schemes” Mrs. Apurva – President and Smt. Pushpavathi – Secretary of VIMUKTHI...

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