Not to insist on details of Father in School Admission Process for children of Survivors of Human Trafficking & Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation - Reg

VIMUKTI is a state level forum of survivors of human trafficking and victims of commercial sexual exploitation (sex workers). VIMUKTHI envisions socio-economic empowerment of survivors of trafficking as well as sex workers in A.P through facilitating social entitlements including benefits from existing Govt. welfare schemes as well as other support services by the state. Besides this, VIMUKTHI is facilitating them to access victim compensation and other legal aid services while addressing the issues and challenges they are facing in society. VIMUKTHI is building linkages and networking with the likeminded CBOs and NGOs working on issues of survivors of trafficking and victims of CSE (sex workers) for effective service delivery system by the state.

Most of the survivors of trafficking and victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Sex workers) are either left by or separated from their husbands and they don't have any document to prove the same. Further, the State Commission perceived from the said representation by VIMUKTHI that, in our Andhra Pradesh State, the school authorities are insisting to submit the details and testimonials of fathers of children at the time of admission which became a rigid constraint for many of these children of survivors of Trafficking and victims of commercial sexual exploitation to admit or continue their education from these communities'. But, various other states have issued circulars/directions to not to insist on the details of the father while giving admissions to the children among schools.

The Directorates of education at Delhi, Maharashtra, GOA, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Punjab states has issued directions mandating not to deny admissions of any Candidate who have filled the details of even any one of the parents in the application form while taking admission in to school. (We herewith attached the Circular issued during Jun 2021 by the Director of Education, Delhi state Government).

As your good offices knows very well that, orphans and children of widowed, divorced or single mothers are also allowed to avail admissions under the Right to Education Act, 2009 if they meet the terms of the Act.

Hence, we request to Policy Makers and Policy Implementers to pursue every possibility to issue similar circular/directions to all the schools as cited above from other states which makes the dream of our Chief Minister Sri Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy garu true to ensure 100% enrolment of children into schools.

We herewith attached our VIMUKTHI representation to the Honble Education Minister to look into the matter and for taking appropriate action.

About HELP:

HELP is a voluntary organisation mentoring VIMUKTHI (A State level forum of sex workers and survivors of trafficking) in its mission for socio-economic empowerment of sex workers and survivors of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. HELP is working over two decades for the prevention of human trafficking and also protection and welfare of women and children in vulnerable conditions in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

For any clarifications please contact – Mr. Nimmaraju Ram Mohan @ 99497 23666 Mr Bhaskar – Programme Manager – HELP @ 9949688014