Funding Agency : TDH – Netherlands

Project duration / present status : 2016 – 2020

Prevention of Child Marriages and Child Trafficking in Andhra Pradesh through promotion of Secondary Education for Girls and JOVT for Young Women

  • 386 block and community level religious leaders have been sensitised by the circular issued by 7 District level key Religious Leaders of Hindu and Muslim religions on harmful practices of child marriage and role of religious leaders in its prevention.
  • 111 Youth group leaders built with the capacities on their role in sensitizing the 1430 members of their groups/networks on prevention of child marriages, child trafficking and also on need for advocacy action.
  • 4306 community members including parents, boys and girls and community elders, PRI members and Village Level Child Protection Committee members have been sensitised by GAA through rallies, public meetings & mass awareness campaigns on occasional days.
  • 45 CSOs joined as part of GAA network and incorporated GAA themes i.e., Child Marriages, Child Trafficking, Secondary Education and Job Oriented Vocational Training in to their work priorities.
  • 42 GAA network NGOs in Andhra Pradesh have reformed their institutional policies and are adopted Child Safety policy and Gender Policy.
  • total of 373 Govt. officials have been sensitised on the issues of prevention of Child Marriage and Child Trafficking and Promotion of Secondary Education for Girls and Job Oriented Vocational Training for Young Women.