Funding Agency : Dasra - USA

Project duration / present status : Continuing

Rebuild India Fund

To uphold the organizational development measures through adopt and practice necessary measures through embedded values, systems and processes that fosters the culture of Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion among its staff, donors and allied organisations.

Enhanced scope for improving functional management of the organisation through strengthening its internal development resources

Conducted studies with the target beneficiaries to assess their socio-economic conditions that helps the organisation in planning interventions and mobilising need-based resources.

Improved technical skills among key staffs of the organisation such as communication, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and developing cost-effective budgeting and so on.

Conducted a study on “socio-economic conditions of the victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE)/Sex Workers and rescued survivors of trafficking in the Prakasam, Guntur and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh” - Conducted a study on “situation of children of victims of CSE in the state of Andhra Pradesh” in collaboration with Acharya Nagarjuna University.