Funding Agency : TDH Foundation - Lusana

Project duration / present status : 2013-2016

Strengthening child Protection systems and structures within the Government system in A.P

  • A Total of 4500 children were outreached both from Institutional and Non-Institutional care and protection services through facilitating systematic service delivery through CWC and other state-run child protection mechanisms in A.P and Telangana.
  • Successfully launched SOP for CWCs and implementing effectively.
  • Trained 600 police personnel, 30 DPOs, 55 CWC members on JJ Act, 2000, POCSO Act, 2012 and other relevant legislations.
  • Facilitated to re-integrate a total of 1397 children from 3 Govt run Juvenile Homes within one and half year.
  • Successfully implementing a HOTLINE service through a CWC BLOGSPOT and has achieved a total of 4, 903 page views as of now.