We at HELP believe that the strongest partnerships are those that capitalize on diversity – in skills, experiences and resources – and on commonalities – the mission for social change and the vision of a just, equitable world for everyone.

As an individual, you can support us in building our skills in order to leverage the available technology for our own visibility and fundraising. You can help us in documenting and developing the change stories that we want to share with all our stakeholders. You can help by becoming a spokesperson for us, telling the world what we do and how others can help us.

As a corporate, you want to play an active role in bringing changes in the lives of the people belonging to the marginalised communities, especially the survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

We have been working with victims of commercial sexual exploitation, sex workers, survivors of human trafficking and their children for over 30 years.

We need your support now more than ever!

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HELP, # 8-217-18, Rajeev Nagar, Lawyer pet ext, ONGOLE - 523002. A.P