Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in the belief in the empowerment of individuals. Our services are designed to support people in regaining their agency and power after experiencing exploitation. We recognize that trafficked individuals are indeed victims of a crime, and their victim status entitles them to specific rights under international law. However, it`s common for governments and non-governmental organizations to treat them as powerless and devoid of agency. Therefore, in this collection, we choose not to label them as `victims` but rather refer to them as `Survivors of human trafficking`.

Our Values

The HELP organization operates from a human rights perspective when it comes to combating human trafficking. This means that we are against any anti-trafficking measures that undermine or have a detrimental impact on the human rights of the affected groups. We view human trafficking as both a root cause and a consequence of human rights violations.

We firmly believe that every individual should have the freedom to choose the type of work that best suits their circumstances, whether it be in a regular or irregular setting, while having their rights fully respected. We acknowledge that sex work is an occupation that adults can choose to engage in, and we consider any exploitation or abuse within the sex industry as a form of labor exploitation.

Our Principles

At HELP, we affirm to the principles of internal governance mechanism by ensuring :

Organizational Commitment Standards for conducting affairs of the organisation with integrity and transparency. The organisation has written policies and is accessible for evaluation to internal and external stakeholders.

Governance and Administrative Standards to maintain well-governed decision making process. The presence of an independent and active board to prevent any conflict of interest. As well as, proper written policies and procedures to protect the rights of the employees.

Financial Resource Management by following high standards of financial practices, including ethical standards of fundraising and appropriate allocation of funds.

Communication to the Public is honest and accurate about the organisation’s goals, programmes, finances and governance structure. Organisation’s communication respects dignity, values, religion, history and culture of all its stakeholders.

Programme Standards and activities follow the basic standards of sustainable development. The organisation is committed to improving the efficacy of its programmes by regular monitoring and evaluation process.

Accountability:: We take responsibility for using resources effectively & efficiently and being accountable to partners, communities, and above all children

Collaboration: : We seek to collaborate with children, parents, women, communities, governments and partners to empower children to develop into active citizens and access basic services and opportunities as a mater of right.

Caring: : We believe in respecting each other and supporting caregivers in caring for children and preventing all forms of harm in the communities that we serve.

Integrity:We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal and organisational integrity and always act in the best interests of the child.